Why the cookie cutter?


When most companies set out to sell and market their products or services, they tend to use the same techniques as everybody else in their line of business. . .

  • Restaurants use restaurant marketing techniques,
  • Software companies use software company marketing techniques,
  • Casinos use casino marketing techniques,

. . .and so on.

But if you do the same thing as everybody else, you look like everybody else. The fancy marketing term for that is Functional Equivalency.

What’s really needed to increase the connection between you and your prospects is to stop producing yet another bit of written marketing collateral (which is the same thing your competitors are likely working on right now), and try something better—and much more impactful. You can turn the day-to-day efforts of your company into an ongoing story that gives your listeners a real sense of who you are, what you do—and how you are solving the problems facing your customers & prospects.

So the question begs how? Just ask us and we will tell you!


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