Video Jargon we use


When get a chance to gab with you we may use these terms, so feel free to sound geeky with us..

chromakey Method of electronically inserting an image from one video source into the image of another through areas designated as its “key color.” It is frequently used on news programs to display weather graphics behind talent.

compositing Superimposing multiple layers of video or images. Each layer may move independently. Titles are a simple and common example of compositing.

crawl Text or graphics, usually special announcements that move across the screen horizontally, typically from right to left across the bottom of the screen.

cross-fade Simultaneous fade-in of one audio or video source as another fades out so that they overlap temporarily. Also called a dissolve.

cut Instantaneous change from one shot to another.

cutaway Shot of something other than principal action (but peripherally related), frequently used as transitional footage or to avoid a jump cut.

filter effect Digital effect added to colorize or otherwise alter a clip in post-production.

jump cut Unnatural, abrupt switch between shots identical in subject but slightly different in screen location, so the subject appears to jump from one screen location to another. Can be remedied with a cutaway or shot from a different angle.

We have a whole bunch more, just ask and we can educate you on the Jargon!


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