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In simple terms the long tail is the creation and flourishing of thousands of niche’ content areas in media, consumer goods, food, tech and just about anything you can imagine.  The masses are looking for more channels that are focused on what they want.  Becoming a rock star in your niche is the one thing […]

On Paper is a podcast on eco and sustainability topics in the B2B space.  This podcast was created from the ground up for a client that looks to build awareness about ecological impact and sustainable sources for the paper industry. Music, voice over, content management, interview process and iTunes propagation were just some of the […]

When most companies set out to sell and market their products or services, they tend to use the same techniques as everybody else in their line of business. . . Restaurants use restaurant marketing techniques, Software companies use software company marketing techniques, Casinos use casino marketing techniques, . . .and so on. But if you […]

Americans viewed nearly 9.5 billion online videos in November 2007 and large and small advertisers are clamoring to get into the online video space. Everyone has laughed at their share of Cats Swinging on Ceiling Fan videos but who wants to advertise their product next to one? Using successful methods from cable television advertising, we […]