Wine Library TV


Are you building Your Brand in the Web 2.0 World? You have an outline for a video show or audio podcast – or you’re looking to start one. Deciding on the details of creating, editing and distributing that content is only a small part of the work. Getting attention for your show after it’s finished is critical to having long-term success. Using Wine Library TV as an example, we can show you how they have marketed thier business with an extremely viral Web 2.0 approach. Inspired by social networking sites, Wine Library TV leveraged technology to reach an untapped audience for his brand and now attracts more than 60,000 viewers a day.

We can show you how they have taken a completely unscripted and unrehearsed show and turned it into a forum for massive self promotion by carefully marketing and promoting it via Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Twitter, Pownce, and other networking channels. As a result of these Web 2.0 tactics, Wine TV has been featured by Conan O’Brien, Ellen, Time Magazine, Nightline, The Wall Street Journal, and other national media outlets.


Care to see how a podcast can change course of a buying decision? It all starts with a brand message and content that consumers can use and consume. No longer is the traditional advertising going to work in a space so fragmented.. Too many options and too much information.

The Key? Narrow the options and control the content.

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