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In simple terms the long tail is the creation and flourishing of thousands of niche’ content areas in media, consumer goods, food, tech and just about anything you can imagine.  The masses are looking for more channels that are focused on what they want.  Becoming a rock star in your niche is the one thing […]

Weston Florida, a small sleepy community in the hot bed of the Fort Lauderdale area will now have a new video & audio podcast that will be available to showcase, restaurants, nightlife and community happenings. With big markets its hard for the major cable an news stations to really inform the community about what is […]

Care to see how a podcast can change course of a buying decision? It all starts with a brand message and content that consumers can use and consume. No longer is the traditional advertising going to work in a space so fragmented.. Too many options and too much information. The Key? Narrow the options and […]